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Wow! I was not expecting this from the book. I really wanted to read the first book in the dreamscape series but because of prior commitments I couldn’t and I was dying to read this one because of the thriller and the time travel aspect of this one in the series.

The author explores the London in 2022 which means the characters are in the future.

I honestly don’t read fantasy but when you have a female protagonist whose name is Murder. Yes you read that right. You obviously can’t miss this one.

The book opens in 1536 where two sisters are planning an escape which had been on their minds for a long time.

Then there’s Murder in London in 2022 who is being chased by a man called Eustace. Murder has stayed long enough across generations she knows something is not right.

I enjoyed the narrative which was simple and the build up as every chapter goes by keeps you on your toes as you want to know what’s going to happen next.

The author explores the relation of magic with science and other characters who are strong and engaging and take the story forward.

The authors writing style is also free,a place where his characters can freely express themselves.

I really liked the different places and different time zones the characters are in who are working on their level in solving the mystery behind Eustace.

I really like the chemistry of the couples in the storyline and without a doubt my favourite are the main couple that is of Murder and Grant.

Though the narrative is easy to read in all the timezones it does gets complicated at places and you have to connect the dots of characters in 1536 to the characters in 2022.

The writer does not shy away from taking a dig at the political atmosphere and keep his writing witty and keeps everything out in the open.

The story is based in London but we have to understand it’s an imaginary world with time travel, magic, soulmates, parallel galaxies and universe which makes some of the events completely fictional. I had a great time reading it though towards the end it got a little messy you wish for a third book to come out in the series.

About the book: TW>>>religious history, domestic violence, miscarriage/stillbirth, mention of historical slavery, suicide and assisted

Visions, it seems like everyone is having them.Anne, Murder, and Levi all share a vision across the Atlantic Ocean and 485 years.Time and space are crying out, London is Calling.The future is in peril, Alice Noble…An impossible structure…

New York is burning…

In the past:

Anne is facing her own execution and the peril of yet another stillborn child.Only the Boleyn Triumvirate hold the power that could save her and the unborn Alice, But will Mary and George cooperate? Can Mary be trusted?

In the present:

Time traveler “Eustace Black” May very well be the mouthpiece of the Holy Roman Empire.Tress is charged with figuring out his plan so The Nobles can go to London to meet the tragic and mysterious “watchmaker”. The only magic user who can help them get to the truth.

Murder must face her past once more, up close and in person, as she races the clock to find out what really happened to her mother.London Calling yes I was there too, and you know what they said? Well, some of it was true.

Series Overview:

We have existed in the shadows of your world for all of history.The blessed, the cursed, the mages and the witches.Sometimes you choose to ignore us.Sometimes we cover it up.We keep our heads down, lest you lot make them roll.

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A.C. Merkel

Author A.C. Merkel is a Mechanic in Birmingham Alabama. 

Formerly lead Singer in local and regional bands.

Known to friends as Drew. 

Drew uses his former experience as stage crew for concerts to bring a very real edge to the magical musical lead character in the Lady Dreamscapes Series. Fan of authors such as Anne Rice, Ray Bradbury, CS Lewis.

He is influenced by television creatives Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Firefly) and Joseph Mallozzi (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis- Dark Matter) he brings charming/sarcastic wit and found family to his magical musical books. Drew is a founding member of Queer Indie.

You can contact the author on:

AC Merkel| Queer Indie | Twitter |Facebook| Instagram

Thanks to the author and Booktamin Book Tours for giving me an opportunity to read the book and have this wonderful experience.


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