When Religion meets Science Fiction!

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Written by K.Hari Kumar

And cut! Begins a tale of thrilling,teleportation in the world of Manav Gandhi and Pakhi Dutta. Ex-lovers Pakhi and Manav come face to face in mysterious conditions after Manav releases a shocking news. Written by K.Hari Kumar,The Anunaki Messenger is an amalgamation of religion,super natural ,science fiction and drama all into one. Kumar has done justice to the picturization of scenarios building in Gaza,Egypt but not so much of Mumbai,India. The author tries to talk through his book about soul-searching and at the same time show us a world where you question religion. I giggled a little as I read his disclaimer about religion and I am sure you will too. Despite the disclaimer, as the protagonists explore religion like Kumar the book compels you too to question your logic,your beliefs. As the author writes, he gives well explained researched answers to the questions through characters you least expect even if they are fictitious you believe in those words.

Keeping religion and science fiction aside we also see glimpses of Egyptian history,which is an interesting premise for the story to be set in as not many people read or know much about Egyptian history making the book all the more interesting to read as there as so many things to figure out.

Kumar while also writes about the past ,he also doesn’t forget to point out the changing scenario and the terms that were relevant in history are also prevalent now.The book starts off on the present and through its narrative takes us through its past and keeps one engaged with the discoveries and the revelations and lie ahead.

K.Hari has successfully managed to engage us in its warp by making amusing and astonishing incidents that shocks you.(Don’t guess too fast.) I liked the human element in the book and though there is very little of it, I applaud the author’s attempt to get out of its vortex and be human.

The author deliberately takes up characters that don’t appear powerful and give power in their hands.

Towards the end when I was just about to reach the end of the book I was seriously disappointed. All this build up and for what? I didnt fall in the trap of “it was staring right in your face” bit. I admired the uncomplicated end in Book #1 but it was a build up gone waste. I almost got the feeling the climax was written in a haste.

Despite that I liked the book and its been long since I read an Indian author so I think were expectations were pretty high. Everyone and Anyone can read this book. Its not preachy, its human and doesnt drag. So read the kindle version as I go on to Book #2.

“Sacrifice,my friend.Greatness comes to those who give up everything they have.”

The Anunaki Messenger

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  1. Although not my type of book, anything that encourages religious people to question why they believe is always a good thing.


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