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Blog Tour: Book Review of The Counterfeiter’s Daughter by Victoria Marswell

About the book:

An empathetic psychologist, Madelyn Brighton trusts no one. She maintains a solitary and organized
life with a serene view of the beach.
Everything changes when bad news forces her to leave sunny California and travel to Bavaria in
south Germany. Amid 19th-century castles and dark family secrets, she must deal with the
repercussions of her estranged father’s shocking counterfeiting crimes when she secretly inherits a
priceless artifact.
Complications ensue when Madelyn reluctantly partners with the adventurous, blue-eyed
archaeologist Jake Nolan. He promises to help her evade Leon Von Füssen, a prominent and wealthy
art conservator who keeps them on the run as he tries to get his hands on the valuable museum piece
Madelyn hides.
Madelyn finds herself caught in the middle of a rivalry between Jake and Leon. Will she succeed at
protecting the innocent victims affected by her father’s mistakes, trust Jake with her safety and open
herself to love again? Or will the counterfeiter’s daughter suffer the fallout of her father’s choices?
Join Madelyn on her thrilling journey of romantic suspense—from disillusionment to faith, bitterness
to forgiveness, and loneliness to the prospect of love.

About the Author:

Victoria Marswell is a romance suspense author. Victoria started writing poetry and short stories in
her early teens. She majored in biblical studies at Hope International University and incorporates
inspirational Christian themes into her writings. Victoria is a world traveler and sets her stories in the
locations she has visited. At 17, she traveled to Germany and Austria where she was inspired to
write her debut novel, The Counterfeiter’s Daughter. Victoria continues to travel the world; creating
and writing romantic and thrilling adventures. She lived in Orange County, CA. for 38 years and
currently resides in Portsmouth, NH.

Victoria Marswell

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When I dive into a book the first thing I notice is the sketch of the main characters and sometimes of the lesser known characters too and this my friend is a beautifuly character driven book. As the story moves ahead,the characters start peeling themselves like onion layers.

The usage of the beautiful locations and their detailed description makes it a very lively read. As I move ahead in the book every scenario reminded me of what one would call a ‘masala bollywood movie’, Bollywood being the Hindi Film Industry.

Madelyn and Jake’s encounters with each other and their personal encounters are so vividly explained that I have to commend the author on her detailed writing of locations,expressions and characters.

Not being a very big fan of romance genre, I thoroughly enjoyed the twists,turns and the inner turmoil of Madelyn and Jake with trust and their relationship with faith.

Madelyn was my favorite character because not only she is strong & determined but their are her moments of vulnerability and how her profession somewhere leaves a impact in her life which emerges later in the story.

This romance-suspense takes you through a full of visionary and is a roller-coaster ride of Madelyn and Jake’s romance and secrets of the past that will take us through the history of antiques,prized possessions and the past they bring with themselves.

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The Politics of Love by Jen Jensen- Netgalley ARC

The Republican Party is generally associated with social conservative policies, although it does have dissenting centrist and libertarian factions. The social conservatives want laws that uphold their traditional values, such as opposition to same-sex marriage, abortion, and marijuana.

The Democratic Party’s philosophy of modern liberalism advocates social and economic equality, along with the welfare state. It seeks to provide government regulation in the economy to promote the public interest.

After reading the definitions I hope you must have realized what a thrilling and exciting book this one if going to be. Not only this book focuses on LGBTQIA relationships the United States two strongest parties with such extreme views have found us into a love story.

This book not only talks about a love story but the politics of a point of a view and how sometimes it restricts how we look at another person only through the glasses of a political prism and not for who they are.

A tough job but the author tries to separate a person from how religion,parties,opinion separate one’s friendship/love for a person.

It was emotional for me personally as my partner left me for this very same reason and I don’t see anyone thinking the way I think. The book reminds us how we can have friendships/lovers who have different opinions but alas over the last six to seven years things have taken such a drastic extremism turn in our lives.

You need this book in your life to look at that person without the political glasses and to look at that person again with the eyes of a friend/lover/colleague/passerby/neighbor for who they truly are.

The book releases on 14th July’2020.

Its published by Bold Strokes Books.

Book Cover-kindle edition


Visual represention of Book Cover-kindle format

The Lost Hours is a story of the perfect couple Annie and David and when a heinous crime of 20 years ago resurfaces it brings questions, doubts and suspicion in this perfect family of two couples David & Annie and Henry and Julia.

Like a family tree, the book establishes bonds and the love that exists in the family and gradually different kind of branches come out in this thriller.

The evidence and proof would be right in front of you but how the connection is made with a 20 year old crime is something that was a delight to find out.

The characters have their voice,their way of handling things and while some of them are wearing masks there are secrets that each of them have with them.

Connecting the dots in this book was lot of fun. It’s fast paced and you don’t get bored by the descriptive narrative.

If you like crime,thrillers and Family drama included you don’t want to miss out this book.



Visual represention of Book Cover-kindle format

This is a strong story of a British Pakistani lawyer Jia Khan who on losing her father who was a synidicate leader takes upon herself to fight back the people who killed her father

This is the story of Jia,a story of her stron bonds of families and the racism that exists in London against hijabi women.

The author herself being a British Pakistani journalist explores the london streets and the mafia that is run by pakistani people and who took birth in London because of the fault of the system

Saima repeatedly points out the aspect of “our people” and why Jia becomes who she becomes. Who is responsible for the way people look at them

Heart-wrenching story of one of the most qualified lawyer in London Jia Khan which wasn’t enough for the city to accept her and her fight with the system to save her people from what lies ahead and is a threat to her family.



Visual represention of the Book Cover-kindle format

The Distant Dead opens on a old tale of a boy who disappears into a cave and of the local schools Math teacher found dead in the fire. What happens next?

The book addresses the issues that young kids go through. Then Nora comes in where she is struggling to make ends meet and take care of her old father.

The book starts on a scary landscape and ends on an even scarier tone. The book stays with you long after it’s finished

The book cover does full justice to what lies ahead for you and what secrets you will get to know.

If you are fan of thrillers and contemporaries this book is for you. The change in the narrative is something you should definitely check out.



Visual represention of the Book Cover-kindle format

The book starts of on the mellow tone placing its targets in the book and slowly slowly opens its cards.

The book is a short read of the Drug cartel and the connections of many characters with chastity.

The book travels from 1997 and to 2001 revealing secrets and keeping it engaging in this 140 page book

Think more on the lines of Mafia and a pacino movie and the aggressive tones of the characters gives a sense of a cinematic experience whilst reading.

I had a ball. You will enjoy this one. Keep your eyes open for this one.



Physical copy of the Book with blue bookmark

Lori’s story is a slow burn that opens its cards with every nightmare that occurs in her life

The narrative is very engaging but it is slow. The themes of atonement and suffering are explored by the author

The writer makes a world for the reader that is relatable to an exhausted working professional and the way the protagonist is shown of that closed character not wishing to be part of the social circle

There are lot of things happening in the book with Lori and has made a lot of time in making these imaginary characters with sketches that make you squirm and amuse at the same time

The detailing of the incidents and the description of every sound and picture in the story is beautifully explained it feels that you are living Lori’s life.

You will enjoy this book if you like exploring thrillers style and science fiction. Lovely to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy this story.