[Guest Post] Aanchal Arora Top Five Thrillers You Must Read

Hi friends. I am yet to post again and as I am going through a lot of turmoil in brain thus not able to commit to the blog. I am still searching for the muse. So before I start giving more excuses here’s a guest post by Aanchal arora. She is a writer and it was lovely collaborating with her on this.

Hi, I am Aanchal Arora, a 23 year old poet. I have published two poetry collection; The Mystic Verses and the recent one, The Efflorescence. I am currently pursuing Masters in Language and Literature. Bibliophile. Romantic and Self Help is my favorite genre. My Current Favorite is Power of Subconscious Mind which I just completed and I also love my previous read, The Fountain Head. 

I am not so much into thrillers.  But sometimes you get in the mood for a little suspense, and there is no better way other than going out for a thrill ride with a killer book. Literally Thriller books never disappoints and pump your heart as you turn each page and bring an oddly satisfying uneasiness about what comes next. So These thriller novels are  full of enigmatic intrigue and shocking twists and always enthrall readers. 

But before giving a shot to this genre it’s better to understand it first. So According to International Thriller Writers, a thriller is characterized by “the sudden rush of emotions, the excitement, sense of suspense, apprehension, and exhilaration that drive the narrative, sometimes subtly with peaks and lulls, sometimes at a constant, breakneck pace.” In short, a thriller thrills.

In order to add excitement to your book shelf, I am about to list some of the really THRILLING novels out there and if you are a fan of this genre and really confused where to start then this list will surely help you.

1. Black Suits You By Novoneel Chakraborty

It is the thriller novel, which I have read. Written by an Indian author  Novoneel who is famous for erotic thrillers. It is basically for those who love to hold erotic reads. And to enhance your experience this novel is also adapted into a TV series named Bekaboo. Novoleen has maintained the grip throughout which is essential for a thriller novel. Every turning page brings excitement as well as fear to the reader.

So, I really suggest this book for those you want a tint of eroticism to their thriller read. 

2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd  by Agatha Christie

We all know Agatha Christie is famous for her detective novels. It is one of them and it is on my  read list. As the murder word in the title itself suggests it a mystery and crime based thriller novel. So it is basically for those who  an interest in mysteries. Pick this book and guess what will happen next and let the inner detective come out. Enjoy this fiction.

3.  Tied to Deceit by Neena H. Brar 

Tied to Deceit is listed in “18 Great Indie Books” list in 2018. It is novel consisting of police procedural. Author discussed about marriage and relationship in this mystery thriller. It’s not simply a murder story but, she also adds something to spice it for readers.

4.  The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown 

A must own book by suspense lovers. Those who are into thrillers this book is the crown of their bookshelf.  American author Dan Brown who is a best-selling thriller novelist. His novels are treasure hunts that usually take place over a period of 24 hours. In The Da Vinci Code an astonishing truth concealed for centuries  unveiled at last. Even the cover portrays the famous Leonardo the Vinci who was famous for his mysterious art works,  attracts the reader to give it a read. So what are you waiting for, order it and with a cup of coffee enjoy it. 

5. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 

Gone girl, the book is in every bibliophile’s profile. The book has ruled the social media since the day it landed the bookshelves. It is one of the best-sellers Buy and hop in for a thriller ride.

These are the top five thriller books which one must read to enjoy this genre. There are many other books which are for thriller lovers. I will discuss about them later. Till then enjoy these reads.

 Happy reading!

Stay home stay Safe! 

Book Review of The Broken Girls written by Simone St. James

The Broken Girls written by Simone St. James is a masterpiece which goes through stories of murders, deception and the fear of oneself and experiences we live through.

The story revolves around Fiona Sheridan whose sister Deb was killed twenty years ago and Fiona thinks there is more to the crime that was committed.

Then comes  the story of four girls who met in the now closed Idlewild Hall in the 1950’s. The Idlewild Hall is known to be haunted. Who or rather what haunts Idlewild Hall?

The book opens on a scary tone and snaps you back into the narrative with its interesting characters and revelations.

The title itself is an indication towards the storyline and one gets to witness the massive effect various dangerous events in the past always had a traumatic effect on women & children.

There are two stories going in the book, one is in 1950 and one in 2014 but not once you lose your attention from either of the stories because every detail which doesn’t drag keeps you hooked and the horror of the book keeps you on your toes.

The Broken Girls not only focuses on murders, the history of the world but also on a very integral part of a community that you are forced to look at whether you like it or not.

The author beautifully captures the spirit and the essence of every character keeping you on the edge.

Without revealing too much this book gets 4 stars for its impeccable language, the sublety of every character and how attached the author can make you feel to a story & scare the hell out of you. .
Don’t forget to read it. Definitely has to be on your TBR.

Book Review of Frosted Glass written by Sabarna Roy

Frosted Glass by Sabarna Roy is a collection of short stories and poems which reflect on human nature through a protagonist whose name in all the stories is the same yet the stories are entirely different.

The author explores the human nature by pointing out the various masks we as individuals wear in different scenarios and at the end we have the desire for lust, love.

The author through his explicit description of sex moments and exploring the sexuality of the protagonist is the main point where you understand what the author is trying to say through his stories.

The protagonist with his story of a lost lover,a cheating wife, the betrayal of a friend wants to portray how the human traps himself in the shenanigans of life and wants the world to take pity on him.

Roy’s stories are harsh, brutal and the truth we hide away from. In the end the author ends his story with the finish of the character.

The book based in Kolkata and Mumbai goes through the various historical events in the book like the communist movement and the plague which hit West Bengal in the past.

Sabarna Roy writes poems which speak of the want of love in his life. Love in the form of friendship, a mother’s love,a lover’s caressing lap and when that comes to an end, how it comes to an end.

Roy digs into the complexities of the human nature and mind by which he wants to say that humans are not straight as an arrow but the desire to love,to soak in all the love we can through the way we understand best and that is the physical way of sex or lovemaking.

When one shall read, you can read it in his words the love the protagonist craves and though all the stories are not interlinked,they go through a graph in the protagonist’s life but in different scenarios.

Frosted Glass is a book that really boggles your mind and puts questions infront of you, you wish you had an answer to. A perspective and writing style I haven’t read before, Frosted Glass is indeed a intriguing and thunderous book with stories and poems that will certainly will be enjoyed.

Book Review of My Ramyeon Girl written by Nethra A

My Ramyeon Girl written by Nethra A is a story that explores the prevalent racism in communities against particular communities.

A love story between a Korean star and an Indian girl.

Book Cover

The book establishes both the protagonists well with supporting characters playing an equal part.

Nethra writes about pre-conceived notions that still exist in the society.

Nethra also talks about body-image and how if possible the society plummet an entire person’s life through their racist attitude be it in any race or country.

The love story stands out in the book which I feel should have been emphasised more.

The protagonists come from different spaces of mind giving the author space of conflict and different point of views.

A light read targeting a grave issue. Must read.

Book Review of The Feeling Of Being Loved By Raviraj Mishra

The Feeling of being loved by Raviraj Mishra is a story of a young girl Shruti who is searching for Love & she feels she is going to find love with her college crush she left 5 years ago.

Book Cover

Raviraj Mishra writes a story of every young girl will resonate with. The search of Love by Shruti has been crafted beautifully.

The author shows us Shruti’s past but doesn’t drag it too much.

The author also raises the issue of the objectification of  women and you yourself feel the angst along with the protagonist.

The ending is beautiful and emotional and funny. Not ha-ha funny,but amusing funny.

This book needs to be read by all the youngsters who are searching for love or questioning love.

You will find a lot of your answers you ask yourself everyday.

I love how the protagonist is not perfect and the character sketch is of a regular girl.

This book wants to tell a story of love, faith, kindness and self-discovery.

I enjoyed this book and thank the lord it’s not a sappy, romantic one. I hardly read synopsises now.

Read this ebook. Have fun.

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